Measuring Success

This week we are looking at social media measurement tools. There are many tools that you can use to track and measure how your social media tools are doing. Some of these show you how many people have visited your site, commented, shared and much more. The purpose of these tools are to really see how effective social media is for your business. You do not want to be using all sorts of social media tools if there is only really one that your customers are using, so this would let you know who is using your social media sites so that you can really know what to focus on. In this blog post I will just talk about a few of the social media measurement tools that are out there.

The first tool that I am going to talk about is Adobe Sitecatalyst. This tool is predominately made for businesses. Their main goal is to figure out how people are using your website, where they are navigating on your website so that you can figure out how to make your company the most profitable. This tool tells you everything from how many visitors have been on your site, to what links they clicked on and how much time they spent on it. Very useful tool for any business looking to improve the use of social media to their advantage. http://www.adobe.com/products/catalog.html?promoid=JOOTH

Curalate, this is a tool specifically used to measure usage of a picture based website, for example pintrest. This tool is much less about text and virtually all about images. This tool shows you who has been looking at your content on your website and information about them so you really get to know who is interested in your company. When it shows you the people that are looking at your content it also shows what else they are looking at so you can see their interests. This tool really rolls all of your social media tools into one and shows you how you are doing compared to your competition. Showing you graphs and charts to show how you compare. http://www.curalate.com/

Finally there is Radian6, this is a tool to track what people are saying about your company on blogs and comments on all of your social media sites. This lets you see what people are saying about you and how many people are saying it about you so that you know what to focus on for customer satisfaction. This tool is proven to be successful having over 3000 customers including 55% of fortune 100 companies. The best thing about this tool is that if puts all of your valued customers opinions and thoughts about your social media in one place so that you can see what is and isn’t working. http://www.radian6.com/

In conclusion, social media tools are something very important to businesses of every variety. As you can see there are tools of all types that do all sorts of different things for you. Whether you want to see how many people visit your site, what they’re looking at or what they’re talking about! These tools were made so that you can maximize how effective you are using social media to portray your company.



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