Business Plan for Extreme Promotional Materials

What is a social media plan? A social media plan is something a company does to organize their thoughts and what they are going to do with social media to promote/support/help their business. For example it will be the plan that Extreme Promotional Materials makes to use social media for their business. This will include their mission, vision, goals, key messages, target audiences, the social media tools that they are going to use and the social media engagement strategy.

Mission- To provide personalized quality uniforms and materials to businesses, sports teams and schools at any level providing you with friendly service.

Vision- Trying to outreach and broaden the customer base to expand.

Goals- Looking to move on from small local businesses and schools to bigger companies niches.

Extreme Promotional Materials is dedicated to providing companies, sports teams and schools with personalized and quality materials including uniforms. We work with quality manufacturers that provide us with your goods that can be customized to your specific needs. We are a fairly new company only in our 15thyear of business and looking to broaden our customer base so that we can expand and employ more people to create more jobs. With our social media outreach we are looking to reach out to all school and sports teams and some businesses across Ontario.

The social media tools that I would use for this company would be Facebook and Twitter. The reasoning behind this is that for promoting and connecting with possible customers these would be the ideal tools. With Facebook you would be able to have your page with albums of pictures with products you have sold and make a photo library for people to browse online. This would also let people comment on these pictures and updates to let you know what they would like to see you do to make them choose your company. You would also be able to display some of the better work that you have done just so that potential clients can see what your company is capable of. Using Twitter is the best way to get news out. This means when you get your latest shipment of a certain type of t-shirts that you but designs on, you could let people know and get the word out. When you put a picture on twitter, your followers can retweet it so that more people could see it and this just really helps you network so that more people can see your work and know your companies name. The person that would be taking charge of these accounts would most likely be the owner. Once the company starts getting bigger though it would most likely be whoever is in charge of advertising and communicating with the general public. This would be one of the faces of the company so you would have to be official and keep it so that people get a positive vibe when they look at your pages. All of these pages would be geared towards the general public to get the word out and advertise so that more people know the company name. Once the word gets out sports teams and schools would start to hear about the work you are doing and would possibly contact you.

Using these tools like this would be the ideal way to promote your own company. Another way that you could look into is a company blog, but personally I do not know if a blog would work the best for this company. In conclusion, for a company like this who is looking to expand and move on to bigger clients the only way to do it is to outreach. You have to show people the work you are doing and impress them so that they want your product. Extreme Promotional Materials can be the face of your company!


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