Always Fresh Always Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons, the fuel for Canadians. Everyone at some point in their life goes to Tim Hortons, some go a few times a year and some even go a few times a day. No matter how often you go to Tim Hortons, there is always a friendly smile and great service! This blog post is not all about the company but actually about how well they use their Facebook page to connect with their loyal customers. Admittedly I have not liked or followed a company on Facebook before because that is not the reason that I use Facebook personally. I work at Tim Hortons and I know that they are very big on customer satisfaction so when I learned that my post needed to be about a company using Facebook, I knew that Tim Hortons would be a great start. Right when I got onto their Facebook page it blew me away. I have seen all of the commercials on TV and I work in the store so see all of the posters on a regular bases but this Facebook page pulls all of it together in a user friendly page.

Tim Hortons is always coming out with new feature food and drinks as well as promoting current products by putting them on specials. Last week when I first read this assignment and realized that I had to write about a company I went on to the Tim Hortons Facebook page and saw that there was a special on all of our small specialty hot drinks before I even went into work. I got news on my own job from Facebook before I worked there and that’s impressive. Right now its caramel month, right when you go on their page the first thing you see is  fall colors and all of their caramel bagels, danishes and many other baked treats. Right now they are also promoting the Tims Photo Tour, this is something they do every year to ask the customers to show what they love about Tim Hortons in the form of a picture. Currently on their wall, if you browse the page you can see all sorts of pictures from loyal customers all over Canada showing their loved Tim Hortons moments and products.

Finally after all of the fun pictures and advertisements, comes the contests and comments. They have a contest going on right now called the every cup contest. It requires you to take a picture of your Tims coffee in your hometown, this simple task can win you free coffee for a year or a $5000 dollar trip. This page also offers a place where all of the Tim Hortons fans can comment on upcoming events and products. This offers a place for people to talk about what they like, comment on pictures and just share with other avid Timmies lovers what their passion is. Not only can people comment and talk to each other, but there are always the posts that people have on certain products that they would like to see in the near future. One of the big products that I get a lot of comments on a regular basis is out apple cider, and just looking on the Tim Hortons Facebook page I can see that it is not just a local thing, there are people commenting from all over Canada that more locations should serve apple cider. This really lets the customers have a voice and an opinion on what they are going to see in their stores and Tim Hortons is very proud of their customer loyalty and will do most anything to maintain it.

In conclusion, I am very impressed with Tim Hortons Facebook page. It is very appealing and efficient for everything that they are trying to do with it. Even for me, who does not follow any companies on Facebook just because that’s not what I use it for, could see myself following more companies if they used their page like Tim Hortons does. Their specials are easy to find, the contests are well advertised and links are included if you ever want to get involved and there are pictures everywhere that catch the eye and make you want to look at the rest of the page!


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  1. Why do we always end up doing similar blogs?! Haha

    October 8, 2012 at 3:31 am

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