SportsCenter Twitter time

SportsCenter was the first thing that I followed when I joined Twitter this summer. Any true sports fan must follow @SportsCenter. Every day no matter where I am, I get the latest news and updates around the world of sports. Updates include big trades, statistics, news and much more! Today when I was on my way home from Waterloo I was sitting in the car just looking on twitter and I knew who was winning all of the NFL games and even statistics on Drew Brees now tying the record for most consecutive games with a touchdown pass thrown.

SportsCenter does not only limit to giving you information with their tweets, they actually let you be part of their program too. Every day they always have at least one tweet asking the fans what the play of the day should be, or even what the top 10 should be that day. Sometimes they even ask you to tweet a question with a hashtag to them if you want to ask a question to an athlete that is going to be on the show. This amazing communication not only gives you information on sports but it lets you become part of their show. SportsCenter also has many tweets shown and read on the show just from all of the avid fans sending in their opinions.

I know that there are a lot of companies out there that are using twitter out there very well, but for me, I believe that SportsCenter is the best. SportsCenter knows what their fans want, and delivers. I am always connected no matter where I am and what I’m doing plus I can even retweet everything that really surprises me just so I can always have access to it and to share it with all of my followers. In conclusion, @SportsCenter uses twitter very well and it really connects all the fans to their sports they love to watch, whether it is golf, football, soccer or tennis, @SportsCenter has everything you need to know in sports.


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