NFL Blog-The Place for a Football Fan to be

The NFL blog is a very useful and informational blog. The National Football League uses their blog to give users all over the world information on everything having to do with the league. You can learn information about anything from the success of some players and teams, injuries to players and even just the gossip going around the NFL. Any avid football fan can learn anything they want to and need to know from this blog at any time of the day. There are stories posted on http://blogs.nfl.com/ multiple times a day keeping all of the fans up to date with all the latest news.

Any time I am sitting around and wondering about what’s going on in the NFL and I want to know more the just the score of the games this week, I will go to NFL.com. When I can’t find what I want to on the main website, I can go straight to the blog where they have news about all 32 teams going up hourly. Looking at the top blog posts right now they have an article on a St. Louis Rams receiver excited to have a new offensive coordinator, a TE from the Indianapolis Colts thoughts on his new quarterback Andrew Luck and the week 3 rap sheet rankings. Already from just the top three posts I am learning about information from all around the league and just the thoughts and views of the athletes. This blog really gives you a feel like you are part of the league and you are on the inside loop with what is going on every day.

The best thing about a blog is that feedback is so simple. If you love one team and you want to meet and talk to more people that love the same team, what better way than making a comment on a blog. When an article is published on the blog about a new and upcoming quarterback such as RGIII, everyone wants to talk about him. Is it just luck that he’s doing so well in the first two weeks? Is he going to be a new and improved Michael Vick? There are so many questions on topics like this. With a blog there are answers, but there are also conversations and forums too where everyone has a voice. Even if you don’t have an opinion every football fan loves to hear about what other people think.

Information on every NFL team can be found on their own blogs too. Even though the teams personal blogs are not affiliated with the head NFL blog this is still how blogging is being handled in the National Football League. My favorite team the Denver Broncos, post all of the information about the team on their blog daily! If I ever want to know how the team is doing chemistry wise, or the views of individual players even if I want information about the injured players and how they are doing in their recovery, all I need is in the blog in organized articles.

In conclusion, social media and specifically blogs, make my access to information on a variety of topics much more accessible. The information is not just easier to access but it is also easier for the NFL to let all of the avid fans know what’s going on with their favorite teams. Whether you follow football just for the love of the game, or you have a fantasy league with your friends and want to get the low down on the players, this NFL blog helps out everyone is some way.


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