What Social Media is to Me!

My initial thoughts about social media are that it is taking over the business industry. Social media is the way that companies advertise, promote and even contact their customers so that they can ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Social media can be used in many ways for this, from having promotions and contests over twitter all the way to just advertising your product with a commercial on youtube.

All companies are now moving towards social media as one of the main sources of advertising and promoting whatever it is they are selling. For example, there are not many companies out there without a facebook page, and those that don’t have a facebook page are being left behind because it is a very broad and free place to advertise your company to millions of people. Many television stations like Sports Center are now even using social media to include viewers in the show! During a broadcast they ask that people please send in tweets with questions they have for certain athletes that are being interviewed. Some of these “tweeters” get lucky enough to have their question asked and answered on live television.

In conclusion, to me social media is not new to me, but it amazes me all the ways that companies and corporations are using it. I have just started using twitter less than a month ago and it is already got me hooked because of all the things you can do with it and in all the ways you can reach anyone that you want to contact in a quick and simple tweet. Even in the simplest ways, when watching big brother they have running tweets from fans all throughout North America scrolling along the bottom just so that you can see the thoughts and views, adding a dimension to watching the show. Social media is always growing but it has never been bigger then it is now and it will only get larger from here!

I know that I really don’t know much about social media and can’t wait to learn more so that I can really broaden my knowledge and abilities with this aspect of business to help me be successful in the future. Right now we are just scratching the surface of what’s out there and what you really can do.


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